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Database migration framework for .NET and .NET Core.

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Curiosity.Migrations is a migration framework that uses SQL scripts and code migration to alter your database schema or seed a data.

Without migrations you need to create a lots of sql scripts that have to be run manually by every developer involved. Migrations solve the problem of evolving a database schema for multiple databases (for example, the developer's local database, the test database and the production database).


Curiosity.Migration has a lot of useful features. You can find more information about them at special articles:

Supported databases

If you don't find a desired database, you can contribute and add support by yourself.


Curiosity.Migrations is available as a Nuget package.

Package Build Status Version Downloads
Curiosity.Migrations Build and Test Utils NuGet NuGet
Curiosity.Migrations.PostgreSQL Build and Test Utils NuGet NuGet

Getting help

You can find documentation and samples at ReadTheDocs.