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There is some basic concepts you should know about Curiosity.Migrations.


Curiosity.Migrations allows you to use different ways to versioning migrations. But version must me sortable and comparable: migrator sort migrations by version to apply the in a correct order.

Version consist of two parts - major and minor numbers separated by dot - Major.Minor. Major is required and usually uses to separate different migrations. Minor is optional and uses to combine migrations into a logical group which must be applied sequentially.

Commonly, version is just an incrementing value. Some people use a single number to versioning their migrations, another use numbered date format such as yyyyMMdd. Curiosity.Migrations uses next regular expression pattern to parse version from string:


There are examples of valid versions:

  • 1
  • 100.5
  • 20201012
  • 20201012_1030
  • 20201012_1030.21